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Two Tons of Sadness  / Luana Harris Scott (Friend)  Read >>
Two Tons of Sadness  / Luana Harris Scott (Friend)
My friend. I miss you already. I am so glad that we had a chance to see each other 2 years ago in North Carolina. I still have that photo of you and Reuben at one of our Two Tons of Fun events; you were holding my son Cameron in your one hand. He was 3 months old then he's now 14. My how time flies by. I'll always remember your gentle smile and kindness. I'm sorry you are gone...waaay too soon. To the Family: I am so sorry for you loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Close
RIP BIG GRIZZ  / Erik Files (Teammate)  Read >>
RIP BIG GRIZZ  / Erik Files (Teammate)
My man I can't believe the news I am so saddened and hurt. Will never forget the memories with my man we went through alot and I will never forget you man!!..From Westchester CC to UNA to the pros memories I wont forget..RIP GRIZZ Close
RIP Mr. Lee  / Jamie Hill (Fan)  Read >>
RIP Mr. Lee  / Jamie Hill (Fan)
Just a long-time Charger & Buc fan whom got to meet Shawn when he was in Tampa to play the Bucs in 95. Great guy! Signed for me and my brother and was very friendly to two kids whom just wanted to bask in the NFL glow. R.I.P. and my condolences to the family. Close
A man who brought pride to the game  / Chris Kness (Fan)  Read >>
A man who brought pride to the game  / Chris Kness (Fan)
Wishing Shawn's family my sincere condolences.  Lifelong Chargers fan who met Shawn after the Chargers best the Jets 21-6 to capture the AFC West in 1994.  He was as classy and funny a man as there could be.  He signed an autograph for me and made some funny jokes about my weight. He even took a picture with me and it stood out what a great guy he was. When other teammates walked right by Shawn demonstrated what a great person he was.  With Reuben Davis and Parella and O'Neal he was a tremendous player who gave his all each week.  You will be missed.  God needs help up there I'm sure you got his back!! God rest your soul... Close
You will be missed  / La Tanya Davis (friend)  Read >>
You will be missed  / La Tanya Davis (friend)
My friend my brother you will be missed!! We shared some good times together some just you and I and others me you and Reuben.  We talked so much about food health etc. You gave me advice on everthing.  I love you and you will truely  be miss you.  Close
True Champion  / Harry Swayne (teammate)  Read >>
True Champion  / Harry Swayne (teammate)
I am deeply saddened at the passing of one of my fondest teammates. Shawn was a bundle (albeit large) of JOY! We always enjoyed our love for "house music". I especially enjoyed seeing Shawn dance as if he was 100lbs. lighter than his size. My prayer is that his family can celebrate his life knowing his death is not the last we will hear from this good friend! "...the day of one's death is better than the day of one's birth." Ecclesiastes 7:1 Close
sleep well my friend  / Shannon Garcia (Friend)  Read >>
sleep well my friend  / Shannon Garcia (Friend)

Rest Shawn Rest well you will always be in my opinion as well as many others 'One of Bed-Sty's favorite sons.

                                                      From the Garcia Family

Fan / Greg Siota (Fan)  Read >>
Fan / Greg Siota (Fan)
Enjoyed Mr. Lee as a player for the Chargers and knew of his great community work. Mei he rest in peace and be with god. Amen Close
Gone too soon!  / Ron Kelley (classmate)  Read >>
Gone too soon!  / Ron Kelley (classmate)
My deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to Shawn's family.  My old friend and teammate back at E-Hall. I will always remember the good times 'back in the day'. Thank you for the good memories my friend. Rest in Peace. Close
A great man  / John Parrella (former teammate )  Read >>
A great man  / John Parrella (former teammate )
Miss you Brother ! I was blessed to be your teammate and friend ! John Parrella & Family Close
My Homeboy  / Ronnie Harmon (teammate/native Queens NY )  Read >>
My Homeboy  / Ronnie Harmon (teammate/native Queens NY )
I just don't know what to say. I loved Shawn. We both were from NY so we knew how each other thought. Shawn always had people's back. I just do not know why good people like Shaw leave us here. But I know that his memory will live on. I will always have great stories to tell people about Shaw. He will live on. I am still your Boy. Queens to Brooklyn! Close
Giant man w/ an even bigger heart  / Courtney Hall (Teammate)  Read >>
Giant man w/ an even bigger heart  / Courtney Hall (Teammate)
Missing you buddy. Courtney Close
Missing you  / Sean James (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Sean James (Friend)

Those fond fun and even slated crazy moments from Erasmus Hall will ever be present in my mind. If memories are what I have to hold onto then I'll cherish forever the friendship and bond we created. Shawn (Sean) squared some would call us amongst other things. To this very day connecting again would always be an event I looked forward to. The laughter the jokes the support through the unpleasant times and times of joy you were always a true friend. Blessed are those of us who have had the opportunity to be graced with your presence in our lifetime. Mei God keep a watchful eye upon your soul and a blessed hand upon your spirit. Mei your family take comfort in the knowledge that you Shawn Lee touched so many in so many ways you will never be forgotten. Missing you.

Big Smile, Big Heart  / R. Cappuccio (Erasmian)  Read >>
Big Smile, Big Heart  / R. Cappuccio (Erasmian)
Big Smile Big Heart Close
Remembering You  / Cassandra Kellam-Stewart (Friend)  Read >>
Remembering You  / Cassandra Kellam-Stewart (Friend)
I remember you Avery Ernie David James Dwayne & Lurch PeeWee standing outside of 671 Gates Ave on steps laughing and joking around. I remember you always had a smile on your face. I remember the days of you and the guys playing skully under the tunnel of of our building. (smiling) those were the days. You will never be forgotten! Love You! Close
missing you  / Kathy Dunton (friend)  Read >>
missing you  / Kathy Dunton (friend)
R.I.P. my love. I can't believe I'm writing this for you. Although you were a pain in the behind back thenlol; I still loved you. I remember all of those hours you and the guys played skullies and bothering the girls. God gave you to us for a time and he wanted you back for himself. Thank you for your love and friendship. God Bless Close
A Life Well Lived  / Anthony Flowers (Classmate)  Read >>
A Life Well Lived  / Anthony Flowers (Classmate)
Shawn From the days of E-Hall until the Creator called you home you have lived your life the way you wanted to with passion and love. You must have finished your work here your journey is done now it is time for your rest. We will meet again my friend. You lived your life well the way you wanted to. You have left behind friends family teammates class mates and others to continue on but we will never forget you. E-Hall for life my brother. You will truly be missed. Rest In Peace & Love. Your Friend Anthony "Sticks" Flowers Close
Too soon.  / Wade Schell (Colleg Team Mate )  Read >>
Too soon.  / Wade Schell (Colleg Team Mate )
I played ball with Shawn at North Alabama.  The first time the "Grizz" grabbed my shoulder pads and sent all 295 pounds of me flying like a paper cup I knew he would make the bigs.  Grizz myself and my buddy Chris Ledbetter played countless pranks on Shawns roomate that kept us laughing for hours.  Great memories. I wasn't a life long friend of Shawn's and didn't try to catch up with him when he made the Pro's but I thought of him and those college days often.  Lifetime of great memories. My sincere condolences to all who knew and loved him. Close
God's Precious Gift  / Lisa Mckenzie-Winckler (My brother since P.S. 44 )  Read >>
God's Precious Gift  / Lisa Mckenzie-Winckler (My brother since P.S. 44 )
I knew shawn since Gates Ave. I lived in 620 and we would go to and from school together. He was my big brother and I am going to miss him. The day he made it to the pros he called me I went to his house and we talked and cried for hours. Too young. Too soon.....I wish I had a chance to tell him again how much I loved him. God Bless his family ! Love Lisa Close
Our Deepest Sympathy  / Veronica Moore (Friend)  Read >>
Our Deepest Sympathy  / Veronica Moore (Friend)
To the family of Shawn Lee We express to you our deepest sypmathy in your time of sorrow. We wil truly miss Shawn's presence as a brother and friend. He stood as the Best Man at my wedding and as the Godfather of my first borns. Shawn until we meet again rest in eternal peace. Close
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